The East Lowndes Water Association, Inc . ... is asking its membership to update their contact information.

The purpose is to provide an immediate information response to you when the need arises such as: pre-cautionary boil water order after a loss of water pressure; when water samples are clear; planned water outages; emergency notifications pertaining to your water supply.
With the use of developing technology, your Association is making every effort to keep you informed of risks (especially involving public health) and inconveniences.
Your information will be kept secure and will only be used to give you an instant response as the need arises.
Click here to view the ELWA letter to customers and more information about the service.
Please update your account information below and SUBMIT this form:

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If your contact information changes, please notify your water association.
Tech Radium, Inc. (Stafford, Texas) is our provider for Immediate Response Information System
Please - do not block their phone numbers: 281-207-4891 or 855-734-5699